3 Steps to £10k

3 Steps to £10k!

Step 1  YOU.  Start with these offers....

  • Absolute Cover = £19.00
  • Party Casino = £32.50
  • Parent Shield = £20.00
  • Perkbox = £20.00
  • World Lottery Offer - 2 bets on Euromillions =£5.00
  • Virgin Wines = £3.00
  • Investment Network = £0.50

You've now raised £100 for your club.

Please note, advertisers on your Offers Page change from time-to-time, so please check for current offers on your Offers Page.

Step 2   Invite Friends

Get 9 of your friends, fans, supporters, committee members to do the same as above.

This will raise £900 for your club.

Step 3  Widen your Circle

Get them to invite 9 of their friends, family, fans, supporters, etc to do exactly the same.  They can share your Offers Page on social media e.g facebook and twitter to invite even more people!

You can also check out our promotional hints and tips here.

This step will raise you £9,000 for your club.

Total raised after three steps = £10,000!